Google Drive Receives A Big Update

Google Drive is an essential app for Chromebook users and basically everybody who use Google’s services. Last week Google has unveiled the new refreshed version of Google Drive, including the updated mobile apps, which makes it even more capable and powerful tool for working with your files online.

First of all, Google updated the Google Drive app for Android and iOS with overall speed and performance improvements. The app now have clean and streamlined interface that makes using it even easier. It also added support for background syncing to make the access to the files much faster than before.

The similar update was given to the web app as well. It now have fresh and clean look, improved performance and speed, as well as the advanced drag and drop functionality that makes it even easier to manage the files. In addition to that, there are many other small improvements such as better keyboard accessing, zooming and high contrast mode etc.

Google Drive app is not the only app that is receiving the update. Docs and Sheets for Android and iOS are also getting the updates, while Slides app is being introduced for the first time.

The biggest improvement is a new document editing mode called Office Compatibility Mode (OCM), which is using the power of QuickOffice to edit Microsoft® Office files without conversion and send them in original format. Docs, Sheets, and Slides mobile apps, as well as Chrome OS already include Office Compatibility Mode out of the box, while Chrome browser users can add it by installing the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides Chrome extension.

Alongside many improvements, Google has introduced the new feature called ‘Suggested edits in Docs’, which makes it possible to collaborate on shared files even more effectively. The feature allows the owner of the document review all the changed made by other collaborators by providing the easy interface for accepting or rejecting the edits.