Everything We Know About Blocs 3

Blocs 3 is coming soon, so I want to share with you everything we already know about new features of the best web design app for Mac.

Blocs 3 is going to be a significant upgrade to the already great Blocs app.

Blocs 3 is going to be a significant upgrade to the already great Blocs app.

If you read my previous article you already know why I love Blocs and why I am so interested in helping its users use this fantastic app. You would probably understand why I was so excited to find out the developer of Blocs has announced the upcoming release of the next version major version of Blocs.

Although most of the features of Blocs 3 are unknown, there is already quite a lot of information we know about its features, thanks to the teasers the developer has provided on social media.

Below are some of the most notable ones.

Blocs 3 is Based on Bootstrap 4

We already know for sure that Blocs 3 is going to adopt Bootstrap 4, which is the newest version of Bootstrap with new components, faster stylesheet, and more responsiveness. It supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms.

Blocs is hands down the best Bootstrap-based web design tool on the market, thanks to its simple and intuitive UI and powerful capabilities.

Four Breakpoints

One of the first teasers from the developer has made it clear that Blocs 3 is going to have four breakpoints. It is excellent news for users who are always trying to make sure that their websites look amazing and well-optimized for devices of all sizes.

Redesigned Sidebar

The next image on the official Twitter account of Blocs app gives us an idea of the new sidebar design coming to Blocs 3. Although we can’t see a lot in this image, there is a clear indication that the Bric Library will be integrated into the sidebar.

I never had any problems with the Bric Library in Blocs 2, but it does look like a nice change. I think this change will help to make the experience of adding new elements to projects feel unified.

Tabbed Content

This one is a highly requested by the users of Blocs - Tabbed Content. Judging by this image, it appears that Blocs 3 will have a built-in capability to create tabs with different content.

It is a simple addition, but I can already think of so many ways I could use this to improve the design of my Blocs Templates.

Searchable Class Manager

Custom Classes make it so easy to customize the design of your Blocs website. I love using them to make the content look unique, but when you have too many classes, managing them can become a pain.

On some of my projects, I have hundreds of classes, so I was pleased to see that there are some improvements for the Class Manager in Blocs 3.

As you can see from the post above, Blocs 3 will have lots of time-saving features like a searchable Class Manager.

Custom Attributes

And finally, just today it was confirmed that Blocs 3 would provide an easy way to make pre-export HTML edits. I know a lot of Blocs users who manually edit the code after each export, so I think the new Custom Attributes panel in the sidebar will be a massive addition for them.

Navigation Improvements

It looks like Blocs 3 will also have some nice improvements to the navigation bar of its header. According to the developer, it will be much easier to add additional content to navigation.

New Accordion Bric

Cazoobi (the developer of Blocs) has also shared a new post today on their official Facebook page, which shows that the new Blocs 3 will have an Accordion Bric, which is perfect for creating FAQ sections.

That's all for now, but I have got a feeling that there is much more to come. If you want to be the first to know about new features of Blocs 3, follow me on Twitter.

Many people often think that I am in some way related to the developer of Blocs, but it is not the case. I enjoy using Blocs, and I love helping people, so this is why I have created Blocs Templates, Blocs Master, and even Built with Blocs. If you want to know more about me and why I am doing what I am doing, check out this article.