Blocs 3 Review - The best web design app for Mac

Blocs 3 is an amazing web design app for Mac, which lets you build beautiful websites without knowing how to code.

Web design standards are always evolving, and with it, the tools we use to create websites are changing as well. Not so long ago, only people with a technical background were able to make genuinely complex and beautiful websites, but these days anybody can create a site.

In this post, I want to share with you my review of Blocs for Mac - the tool which I believe can give you the freedom to make any type of website design, without forcing you to learn how to code. 

Simple doesn’t mean not powerful

I have used many web design tools, and I am a fan of Squarespace, but when it comes to creating a specific website I have in my mind, my hands are always reaching for Blocs.

Do you remember the Santa picture created using Microsoft Paint? It looks fantastic, but it was made using the simplest of tools. Creations like this prove that the best tool for a job is not the most feature-packed one, it is the one you master. Blocs is a tool like this for me when it comes to web design.

Blocs 3 has a simple user interface with a couple of sidebars and not too many visible options, but if you learn what each of these options does, you can produce a truly unique and beautiful website without knowing how to code.

Blocs is not perfect, nothing is.

The biggest downside of Blocs is that it is only available for Mac. Another disadvantage is the lack of built-in CMS. If you are not familiar with CMS, it stands for Content Management System, which basically allows you to edit and manage the content on your website via any web browser.

Blocs does support some CMS platforms like Pulse CMS, but these are still limited compared to feature-rich solutions like Wordpress. So, if you want to continually update your website without opening the Blocs app on your Mac, you should probably look the other way.

If you use a Mac and don't care so much about being able to edit your website from a web browser, let me tell you why you might love Blocs.

Why you will love Blocs

First of all, you don’t need to know how to code to make a great website in Blocs. And I am not saying that knowing code is a bad thing because if you do, you can use it to your advantage. But, it is not necessary, and I love it. When I am making a website, I just want to concentrate on design and feel of my site, and Blocs allows me to do precisely that.

I also like that the websites you build in Blocs will look great on all devices. Even just out of the box, Blocs 3 produces responsive sites, but if you can spend a bit time adjusting some small details, you can make your website look amazing on all devices.

The third thing I love about Blocs is that it is a native application I can install on my Mac and use it anytime I want. Blocs is very fast and not resource-hungry, which makes it feel right at home on my MacBook.

Being a simple tool, Blocs is not very difficult to master. Like with anything, you have to invest time and effort into learning how things work, but after you get over the frustration of using a new tool, you will appreciate how intuitive Blocs is.

And, if you want to speed up your learning process with Blocs, I recommend to check out the Blocs Master the project I have created to help people master web design with Blocs.

There is also a great community of Blocs users always happy to help each other, so if you need help, there are people to help you.

A Very Bright Future Ahead

Blocs is just a few years old, and it has a phenomenal potential to grow. From what I have learned, the team behind Blocs is doing a fantastic job to keep the focus on important stuff, making Blocs more capable with each update without overcomplicating its user experience.

Last, but not least, Blocs is not expensive compared to other web design tools on the market. You can start using it for free, and when you are ready to purchase the full version, it has a relatively low price, which you pay once and then you can make as many websites as you want.

Set up a secure hosting account and just purchase a new domain for each new website you build with Blocs, that’s all.

Plus, even though there are some excellent 3rd party extensions, you don't need to invest into plugins or stacks, because you can build almost any type of website using just core features of Blocs.


There is no perfect tool for web design, but if you have a Mac and you want to build websites without knowing how to code, I highly recommend to take a look at Blocs.

If you have any questions about Blocs or web design in general, please let me know, and I will always do my best to help you.

Visit the Blocs website