Apple Updated iWork for iCloud

 Dynamic masking tool for inserted images

iWork for iCloud is not as popular as iWork for iOS or OS X, but we are glad to see that Apple is investing its time and resources to constantly improve the web apps of its productivity suit. If you are an advanced user of iCloud, you have probably already noticed that iWork for iCloud has received yet another update that makes the experience of using the apps even better.

First of all, with this update Apple is concentrating on better switching between the iWork apps for OS X, iOS and iCloud. The main goal here is to provide the same experience on all devices and make it as smooth as possible to switch between the apps.

Thanks to the update, Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps will now remember the last selected document, sheet or slide, document settings, such as zoom level, format panel and guides visibility and more. There are also some improvements to collaborating functionality, new popup tips for shortcuts and more options for inserting images, such as easy cropping and resizing.

In other words, iWork for iCloud is constantly improving and becoming a very good productivity tool for people who use the cloud services on a daily basis. 

Eldar GezalovComment