Apple to release 5K Display with a USB-C connector

Apple's Thunderbolt Display has been around for about 5 years. I believe it is time for Apple to release the new version of its external display with a higher resolution and more advanced technology inside.

Among other things, I believe that the next generation display will be equipped with the following features.

27-inch display with a 5K resolution

Apple's new external display is expected to have a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels, or 5K. The same resolution can be found in 27-inch 5K iMac, so it will make sense to see Apple adopt the same resolution to its external display as well. In addition to the same resolution, the new display is also expected to have the same DCI P3 color gamut.

USB-C connector

USB-C is quietly continuing to conquer the world of consumer technology. More and more manufacturers release their gadgets with the USB-C ports. The new port supports quick charging, fast data transfer, video and audio output for HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA connections, as well as connect the growing number of third-party accessories. I am sure that the new 5K display from Apple will market the USB-C connector as one of its main selling points.

Dedicated eGPU

Although I am not very positive about this one, there are some rumors saying that the new 5K display will have a dedicated GPU chip inside to help to drive the millions of pixels. This will make sense, because a display with such a high resolution requires high GPU performance, but I doubt that Apple will introduce something like this year.

the new USB-C Display will obviously support Mac Pro and Mac mini, but I believe that the new 5K display might become the perfect addition for the users of the new generation MacBook Pro, which is expected to have only USB-C ports.