Apple Patents 'Cylinder' Apple Store in Shanghai

According to our colleges at AppleInsider, Apple was finally granted the rights to own the patent for its Shanghai Apple Store's glass cylinder entryway. US Patent No. 8,544,217 , "Glass building panel and building made therefrom", was first applied for in 2011, and is not only covers the design of the cylinder, but also the type of glass and construction methods of its structure. 

 One of the images filed with a patent

When building this glass cylinder, Apple developed the unique glass fins and beams with integrated metal fittings. The core of structure's strength is in a central support construction made of curved glass, connected to the large outer glass panes via a set of glass beams. 

Steve Jobs was not included among inventors, but he was briefly mentioned in the document. The list of inventors: David Andreini, Karl Backus, Jon F. Cooksey, Tim Eliassen, Scott David Hazard, Holger Krueger, Peter Lenk, James O'Callaghan and Yutang Zhang.  

If you are interested in reading the full document, you can visit this link