Apple is The Best Global Brand in 2013

For the last 13 years Coca-Cola was the most valuable brand in the world. Not anymore. This year, Apple beats Coca-Cola to the top spot in the Best Global Brands table, published every year by Interbrand, brand consulting company owned by Omnicom Group. Google has also overcome Coca-Cola to become No. 2 in the list of the best brands in the world.

Valuation of Apple's brand is over $98 billion US dollars, which is almost $20 billion US dollars more than Coca-Cola. 

Apple's climbing to the No. 1 is a no surprise. Cupertino company was slowly but surely going to become the best brand in the world, climbing to No. 8 in 2011 and to No. 2 last year. Interbrand's global chief executive Jez Frampton summarized Apple's achievement in recent interview, saying that Apple's arrival in the top spot was "a matter of time". 

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Eldar GezalovComment