Apple is Finally Getting It Right with iCloud

During the keynote at WWDC 2014, Apple has announced a lot of new updates to OS X and iOS, but Tim Cook and Craig Federighi haven't talked about the updates to iCloud's website. In this post, I want to talk about the big updates coming to and what they mean for Apple.

There might be many small improvements and new features for iCloud website, but surely the most important additions to will be the new iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library web apps. I already talked about both of new services, but I wanted to write a separated post especially for updates, because I think it means much more than it seems.

I have been dreaming about iPhoto in the Cloud since the day Apple has introduced the iTunes in the Cloud. I have always imagined how convenient it will be to have a photo library in iCloud, which automatically syncs across all of my devices. Finally, my dream became a reality with the announcement of iCloud Photo Library.

In 2011, during the initial unveiling of iCloud, Steve Jobs explained the vision behind the iCloud. He explained that Mac will be just another device, which connects to the hub of our digital life, iCloud. When Apple has finally released the iCloud to the public, I was disappointed to find out that the service didn't implement that vision, and my Mac was still the center of my digital life.

My iPhoto library was always stored and managed on my Mac with the ability to sync it to iOS devices. It was impossible to access it on the web or sync the changes which were made to the photos in iPhoto apps on iOS devices. iPhoto for Mac was always the hub for my photos.

Fortunately, Apple has finally lived up to that vision of iCloud with the announcement of iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library. Apple is making the cloud the true center for all our music, photos and documents. iCloud Photo Library is basically the iPhoto in the Cloud I have been waiting for during all these years. 

During the first announcement of iCloud, Steve Jobs repeatedly mentioned the same phrase: "The truth is in the cloud”. I am happy that Apple is finally making his words come true.

Eldar GezalovComment