Apple Adds Drive App to iCloud Website

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Mac OS X Yosemite and new iCloud features that come with it will be available for public later in October, but thanks to today's update, you can see what will iCloud Drive web app look like by visiting the iCloud Beta website at

The new app has a streamlined and clean iOS 7 inspired interface. For now, its functionality is still very limited, but we expect Apple to add more features (well, at least some basic sharing tools) before releasing it to the public. As of today, all you can do is to upload, download, rename, delete and organize the files you have in your Drive.

Take a look at the screenshots of new apps. Click on images to enlarge.

iCloud Drive web app at iCloud Beta website

Settings web app

Uploading multiple files at once

Basic information about the file

In addition to iCloud Drive web app, Apple has added the Settings app as well, which lets you see all of your devices connected to your iCloud account, change the language and time zone. 

The one addition to iCloud website we are passionately waiting for is the Photos app. Unfortunately, for now, there is no news about the upcoming app, which will let the users access their photos and videos stored in iCloud Photo Library. It looks like Apple is going to release Photos for iCloud web app in time with the release of Mac app early in 2015.

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