Apartment Template for Blocs 3 is Available

I have recreated the best Blocs template for real estate companies or similar websites using the latest version of Blocs 3.


Apartment template for Blocs 2 was one of the unique templates I have ever created thanks to its sophisticated filtering system and beautiful full-screen carousels. Fortunately, thanks to Blocs 3 I was able to recreate it from scratch and make it better in every possible way.The filtering system, which was using the visibility feature in Blocs 2, now has been replaced by a much better looking tabbed solution. I was able to create it using the new Tabbed Content bric in Blocs 3.

By the way, if you haven't already checked the last month's update to Mastering Blocs I highly recommend to check it out, because, in addition to 10 videos on column and column row bric, I have also shown how to completely customize the Tabbed Content bric using a few custom classes.

I have also improved all other areas of each page of the Apartment template, so now it looks better and more comfortable to edit.

The full list of improvements in this new version:

- Much improved mobile optimization for all elements
- A much better-looking tablet version of the design
- Clear and easy to change navigation style
- Improved social buttons in cards and header
- Improved the responsiveness of News page
- Improved contact form structure and style with custom alerts, etc.
- Customized Scroll to the Top button
- Custom breakpoint-specific paddings for most blocs
- The property page now uses the new Accordion bric
- Improved the carousels design for smaller breakpoints
- Overall loading speed improvements
- Bunch of bug fixes and small improvements

The absense of BEX Page Template files

Unfortunately, the latest version of Blocs (3.1.1) still has an issue with exporting BEX Page Template files. For now, you can use the regular Blocs project files, but as soon as it gets fixed in Blocs, I will add all BEX files for Apartment and other templates I have released recently.

New Blocs 3 templates are coming soon

In the coming weeks, I will release the new version of Wedding template for Blocs 3 and recreated version of the Commerce template. Also, at the end of the month, I will release an entirely new template just for Blocs 3.

Check the demo and download the Apartment template

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