Android Apps Will Run on Google Chromebooks

During the Google I/O 2014, Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Google Apps at Google, Sundar Pichai has announced a couple of new ways how Chrome OS and Android are going to work together. The biggest news was something Chromebook users were waiting for a long time - Android apps will finally run on Chrome OS.

I personally have been waiting for this since I've got my first Chromebook last year, so I was very excited to hear that my hopes are finally becoming reality. Being able to use Android apps on Chromebook will dramatically increase the offline capabilities of Chrome OS and solve arguably the biggest problem of Chromebooks - limited offline functionality (compared to Mac or Windows computers).

Although it is a very good news, it is important to notice that Google is not going to support every Android app. Instead, they will pick only the most popular apps and specifically modify them to work on Chrome OS. As of today, there are only three apps Google has shown us: Evernote, Vine and Flipboard. Google posted the link on Google Plus, where you can nominate the apps you would want to use on your Chromebook. 



Google has also announced few Continuity-like features, that will let Chromebooks and Android phones work together more seamlessly. In addition to already integrated Google Now Cards, Chrome OS is going to notify users of text messages, incoming phone calls, low battery etc. During the demo at Google I/O, I noticed that it is possible to reply to texts and ignore the calls right from Chromebook, but it looks like it will not be possible to receive or make calls the way it will be with Apple’s Yosemite and iOS 8.

Finally, as long as you have your Android phone nearby, your Chromebook will automatically unlock itself and login into your account. It sounds convenient, but we will have to try it for ourselves to see how secure and stable this feature is going to be.

We think that bringing Android apps to Chrome OS was inevitable for Google, and it is going to hugely improve the experience of using the Chrome OS device as a main computer.