Adobe Photoshop is Coming to Google Chrome

Just a while ago, we shared with you the exciting news about Android apps coming to Chrome OS, and today there is one more thing to be happy about. Just a few hours ago, Adobe has announced that they are partnering with Google to bring their popular photo-editing app Photoshop to Google Chrome.

Chromebooks are famous for their fast speed, security and simple to learn user experience, but there were always concerns whatever they are able to completely replace the traditional computers. One of the reasons for these concerns was inability to run the essential for many users application - Adobe Photoshop. 

Fortunately, starting with North America based Adobe Education customers with Creative Cloud membership, Google Chrome users will be able to access Photoshop app, that will be delivered to their devices using Adobe streaming technology. The Project Photoshop Streaming allows Chromebook users to work with their Photoshop files directly in Google Drive, without requiring to download and re-upload the files. It's also worth noticing that the app can be accessed on any device that run Google Chrome, not limiting the access to only Chrome OS.

On its official site, Adobe stated that Project Photoshop Streaming includes:

  • Creative tools: Streaming access to Photoshop with other products coming soon

  • Access from any Windows device with a Chrome browser or from a Chromebook

  • Learning tools: Access to Adobe Education Exchange learning content and an in-app Learning panel called 'Learn Now'

  • Project Photoshop Streaming Feedback and Forum support

I am sure that Chromebook users are excited to see more and more companies bringing their apps and services to Chrome OS. We hope that this trend will continue, and it will make the competition in personal computer industry more intense, benefiting the customers in the process.

If you are interested in trying the Photoshop for Chrome today, visit this webpage on Adobe website to check the requirements and submit your application here.

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