A Huge Update to Blocs Templates

For the past few days, I have been focusing on fixing a few outstanding issues with Blocs Templates, and today I am happy to announce a big update.

All of the current Blocs 3 templates on BlocsTemplates.com how have BEX files for Page Templates.

All of the current Blocs 3 templates on BlocsTemplates.com how have BEX files for Page Templates.

If you are a member of Blocs Templates you have probably already heard about the BEX file export issue Blocs had since the release of version 3. It turns out it was a very small but critical bug, which prevented the BEX file export from projects with specific symbols in the filename.

Recently, this issue has been finally solved, and I was able to produce the BEX Page Template files for each of the Blocs 3 templates available on Blocs Templates website. If you are not sure what BEX files are suitable for, I recommend watching this video in which I explain the difference between BEX and BLOC, and show how I recommend using the Blocs Templates.

Few Other New ‘Issues’ Solved

In addition to BEX export bug, there were a few other issues introduced with the release of the recent versions of Blocs. One of them is row's side-padding, which was ruining the edge-to-edge look of some blocs and brics, as well as an inability to center rows using the 'auto' margin on both sides.

The change appears to be permanent, and it might be how Blocs 3 is going to behave from now on, so to solve this issue, I have rebuilt many blocs on my templates, which were using the effect of the sliced border. One of the templates utilizing this technique is of course Designer, one of the most popular templates I have.

In addition to that, I have fixed the side padding issue on brics like Google Maps, edge-to-edge image hover effects, and others. I might have missed some of the problems, so if you notice one of these issues in any of the templates, please let me know so I can fix it.

Download Your Blocs Templates Now

To summarize, almost all templates were updated in one way or another, and all of them now have BEX files for Page Templates. If you are a Blocs Templates member, I recommend to re-download the latest versions of templates using the ‘Download’ button in your purchase email.

If you have purchased a single template, you can redownload the new version using the same download link you have received by email, or you can send me a direct message to request a new updated version of your purchased template.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know, and I will do my best to help you with everything I can.

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