Introducing 1-on-1 Consulting and Training Service

As I have promised a couple of weeks ago, I am launching a new service on my website, and I call it 1-on-1 Consulting and Training for Blocs or Squarespace.

The ultimate goal of this service is to help you solve your problems, answer all of your questions, and help you get started with web design using Blocs or Squarespace.

You could schedule an online meeting with me at a comfortable time for you, and we can have a video or audio conference via Skype, FaceTime, or any other similar tool. And, of course, we can also utilize the screen-sharing feature for better visual understanding.

If you have signed up for Blocs Templates, Space Master, or Blocs Master video courses, I could provide you even more additional help. For example, I could help you modify a template for your project or provide further explanation on everything you want to know about Blocs or Squarespace. In other words, I will adjust the style of our conference to what best suits your needs.

Visit the 1-on-1 Consulting and Training web page to learn more