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Learn how to optimize Blocs websites

Today, I am adding the new videos to Blocs Core Training video course, covering the mobile optimization of your Blocs website.

Posted by @EldarGezalov on August 15, 2018
Learn how to optimize Blocs websites
Existing users can get an access to the new videos for free.

These days, making your website look great on mobile devices is very important. Take a look at the best ranked websites on Google, and you will see that all of them have great looking mobile websites.

Some might say mobile website is even more important than desktop version, because it hugely contributes to amount of traffic your website gets, level of engagement, increased conversions and improved bounce rate.

This is why today's update to Blocs Core Training is very important. Because today, I am adding the videos covering the mobile optimization of your Blocs website.

This update includes 7 new videos. You can check the list of the new lessons below:

11-1. Mobile Optimization - Text
11-2. Mobile Optimization - Images
11-3. Mobile Optimization - Buttons
11-4. Mobile Optimization - Columns
11-5. Mobile Optimization - Margins & Padding
11-6. Mobile Optimization - Menu
11-7. Mobile Optimization - Blocs

All new videos are available for all existing Blocs Core Training students for free. If you have not signed up yet, below is one of the videos, which I made free for everyone to watch.

Blocs Core Training is already the best resource you can get for learning Blocs, but I will continue to improve it and add more videos. You can learn more details and sign up using the link below.

Sign up for Blocs Core Training

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