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Introducing the Getting Started with Blocs 3 Course

I am happy to announce the new basic video course for Blocs app and web design beginners, available today for free.

Posted by @EldarGezalov on April 13, 2019
getting started with blocs 3 course
Blocs Master is a series of video courses designed to help you master your web design skills with Blocs.

Two years ago, I released my first ever video course. Its name was 'Getting Started with Blocs 2', and it has been the most popular product I have ever produced in my life.

Since then, I have released four more courses and hundreds of video lessons, which made the Blocs Master the best place to learn web design in Blocs. Alongside Blocs Templates, it is one of my most important projects, so I am pleased to announce the release of a new 'Getting Started with Blocs 3' course, available today for free.

The First Step for Blocs Users

Long story short, 'Getting Started with Blocs 3' course is a series of free videos lessons for complete web design and Blocs app beginners. It is the first step I would recommend to take before going more in-depth with Blocs 3 for Beginners and Mastering Blocs 3 courses.

The new course has eight simple to understand videos:

Lesson 1. Introduction to Blocs 3
Lesson 2. Working with Blocs
Lesson 3. Working with Brics
Lesson 4. Visual Design Basics
Lesson 5. Freehand Controls
Lesson 6. Working with Classes
Lesson 7. Building a Website in Blocs 3
Lesson 8. Next Steps

After producing hundreds of advanced video tutorials for Blocs Master, it was a big challenge for me to go back to teaching the barebone basics, but I think I was able to do that successfully.

If you are considering to purchase Blocs app and learn web design without coding, Blocs Master is the best place to start your journey.

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