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Event Template for Blocs 3 is here

Today I am happy to share with you the new Event template, the latest template I have rebuilt from scratch using Blocs 3.

Posted by @EldarGezalov on December 26, 2018
New Event Template for Blocs
Event Template for Blocs 3 is even better than its previuos version.

Event is a relatively new template, and it was released just a few months ago. Even though I designed it to use in specific use cases - conference or event websites, it was popular among Blocs Templates users since its release.

The most significant feature and advantage of this template is the new SMART functionality, which lets you change headings, title, or, most importantly, the color scheme of the website with just one click. To see what I mean, check out this video overview of the Event template I have created for Blocs 2 version.

The new version of this template is even better than before. Thanks to the new ‘Tabbed Content’ bric in Blocs 3, it is now much easier to create and manage tabs for the schedule section of this template.

In the previous version, I was using the <embed> code to show the navigation (tabs) and content from other pages on the home page (a smart approach which worked, but it was a bit cumbersome to edit). In Blocs 3 version of Event template, all content can be easily modified and managed on one page.

In addition to these features, Event template also has many great looking blocs for a gallery, testimonial carousel, countdown timer, and much more.

Check out the demo and download Event template for Blocs 3

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