'Blocs Core Training’ video series

A series of detailed videos explaining various aspects of using Blocs. There are 75 videos, and many more will be added in the future.



You get an access to 75 videos covering various aspects of using Blocs, and all future videos.


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Blocs Core Training Video Courses

These detailed videos explain various aspects of using Blocs. There are 75 videos covering the basics, buttons, panels, icons, menu, text, forms and images. I will add more videos and provide updates as needed.


1. Basics 

1-1. Essential keyboard shortcuts
1-2. Object placement
1-3. Padding and margins
1-4. Adjust position using classes
1-5. Creating a sitemap

2. Button

2-1. Basic customization
2-2. Customization using classes
2-3. Wire button
2-4. Adding custom effects
2-5. Hover effect for images
2-6. Social icons
2-7. Editing default styles
2-8. Gradient backgrounds
2-9. Hybrid style buttons

3. Icon

3-1. Basic appearance customization
3-2. Advanced appearance customization 1
3-3. Advanced appearance customization 2
3-4. Adjusting the position using classes
3-5. Using the interaction settings
3-6. Adding animation affects
3-7. Icon Font Manager
3-8. Icon heading bric

4. Panel

4-1. Basic customization
4-2. Advanced customization 1
4-3. Advanced customization 2
4-4. Getting creative with panels

5. Menu

5-1. Understanding the basics
5-2. Using the Menu Manager
5-3. Dropdown via Menu Manager
5-4. Basic appearance customization
5-5. Manual editing of the menu
5-6. Advanced appearance customization
5-7. Creating buttons in navigation
5-8. Creating dropdown menus
5-9. Images in dropdown menus
5-10. Mobile optimization
5-11. Adjusting the special menu
5-12. Different menu on each page
5-13. Hero navigation bloc

6. Text

6-1. Basics & Project Settings
6-2. Adjusting the text via sidebar
6-3. Adjusting the text with custom classes
6-4. Using text spans
6-5. Using Google Fonts

7. Form

7-1. Basics & Form Settings
7-2. Building an advanced form
7-3. Altering the layout of form
7-4. Advanced appearance customization
7-5. Appearance customization of alert messages

8. Image

8-1. Understanding the basics
8-2. Appying image backgrounds
8-3. Preparing the images
8-4. Hosting images externally
8-5. Multi-resolution images
8-6. Using pre-made galleries
8-7. Creating galleries with unique layouts
8-8. Creating in-place slideshow galleries
8-9. Creating carousel galleries
8-10. Adding default animations
8-11. Adding shadow effects
8-12. Creating custom animations

9. Column row

9-1. Grouping brics
9-2. Aligning multiple elements
9-3. Building complex layouts
9-4. Improving tablet site structure
9-5. Adding margins and paddings
9-6. Adding background colors
9-7. Adding hover effects
9-8. Hiding multiple elements

10. Visibility

10-1. Change visibility of blocs
10-2. Change visibility of brics
10-3. Change visibility of specific elements
10-4. Creating a dropdown menu
10-5. Change visibility of multiple brics
10-6. Getting creative with visibility feature

Coming soon:

- Optimization for mobile devices

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