A series of video courses designed to help you master your web design skills with Blocs for Mac


Learn basics

Getting Started with Blocs

This free course includes 14 easy-to-follow videos on Blocs basics

- 14 videos lessons
- Project resources
- Monthly newsletter

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Become a Blocs Master

Blocs Core Training

Detailed videos explaining various aspects of using Blocs

- 75 detailed video lessons
- Access to all future videos
- 10% off Blocs Templates

One payment for a lifetime access


Learn to build a full website

Building a website in Blocs

24 videos covering every step of building a multi-page website

- 24 detailed video lessons
- Photograph template ($20 value)
- 10% off Blocs Templates

One payment for a lifetime access



What people say about Blocs Master

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About the creator of Blocs Master

Hi, my name is Eldar. 

I have used the Blocs app to build over 70 beautiful websites, including the full collection of templates on Blocs Templates. I was able to do that without any technical knowledge about coding. 

I want to share my skills with you.

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