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Blocs Templates Survey Results

Last week, I have asked the members of Blocs Templates to submit the feedback. Today, I want to share with you the results.

Posted by @EldarGezalov on August 7, 2018
Blocs Templates Survey Results
All of the users who have tried Blocs Templates and participated in the survey absolutely loved it.

Last week, I have asked the members of Blocs Templates to submit the feedback for Blocs Templates. Today, I want to share with you the results.

First, I have asked users if they are happy with their Blocs Templates membership. From everybody who have participated in the survey, 94,6% have answered 'Yes' , and only 5,4% have answered 'Not sure'.

According to the users who have selected the 'Not sure' option, they have not used the templates for any projects yet, so it is safe to say that every single member who have used Blocs Templates, and participated in the survey, is happy with Blocs Templates.

Next, I have asked how many websites Blocs Templates members have built using our templates, and it turns out that over 70% of users have built multiple websites.

That tells a lot about how much value the membership can bring to the table, considering that building even just one website with Blocs Templates would save you tons of time and effort, and as you know, time is money.

Blocs Templates Testimonials

Finally, I have asked users to submit the public reviews for Blocs Templates. Check out some of them below. 

I absolutely enjoy working with blocs, it is powerful and effective in the creation of websites, but that’s not all that blocs can do! if you pay attention to Eldar’s templates, you will learn how to manipulate the code without having to know everything about the code. Spending more time creating and less time scratching your head! - Robert Cobb

Since I switched from Joomla to Blocs I was so happy to find Blocs Templates and the amazing service and support from Eldar. This made the switch so much better. Thanks. - Tom

The best website to learn how to use Blocs. Eldar cares to help you if you have problems with the templates. If you subscribe you will not regret it. It includes a large number of sample templates. 100% recommended - Wardiam

Eldar's templates are well constructed and offer many ideas, including technical ones. Thank you (Original in Italian:I templates di Eldar sono ben costruiti e offrono molti spunti anche tecnici. Grazie ) - Umberto

Great service and superb templates and tutorials! - Gary Vey 

I want to thank everybody who have participated in the survey, especially the users who have submitted the future template suggestions and the feedback on the current state of Blocs Templates.

I will do my best to continue to improve Blocs Templates, and bring you even more awesome content, which will help you build awesome websites with Blocs.

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