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Mastering Blocs February 2019 Update

Today, I am sharing with you the February Update for the Mastering Blocs video series available on BlocsMaster.com

Posted by @EldarGezalov on February 13, 2019
blocs master free tutorials course
Blocs Master is a series of video courses designed to help you master your web design skills with Blocs.

In recent weeks I have been busy creating great templates for Blocs 3 and making videos for this Mastering Blocs update. In addition to that, I have also recreated Apple’s Mac mini website using Blocs 3 without any 3rd party code, and the result was terrific. You can read more about it and check the demo here 

Also, if you haven't already, check out the Designer, Personality, and Producer templates, which are some of the best-optimized websites for Blocs I have ever built. This week I am going to share with you Apartment template for Blocs 3, so stay tuned for that as well.

February Blocs Master update includes the following content:

February Update Summary
Recreating Apple’s Website - Parallax
Recreating Apple’s Website - Tabbed Content
Columns 1 - Adjusting the Width of Columns
Columns 2 - Adjusting the Position of Columns
Columns 3 - Adjusting the Order of Columns
Columns 4 - Adjusting the Vertical Alignment of Columns
Columns 5 - Creating a Sidebar Using Columns
Columns 6 - Grouping Multiple Elements Using Columns
Columns 7 - Aligning Multiple Elements Using Columns
Columns 8 - Hiding Multiple Elements Using Columns

Columns 9 - Adjusting the Style of Columns
Columns 10 - Adjusting the Margin and Padding of Columns

As you can see in the list above, I have also included a couple of videos covering the recreation process of Apple’s website. In addition to these videos, I am also sharing the Macintosh Template with all Mastering Blocs 3 users, so if you are a student, you can download the project files for this project in your dashboard.

Free Video Lesson for Everybody

In addition to the Mastering Blocs update, I have decided to share one of the videos about using the parallax effect in Blocs 3 on my YouTube channel.

You can watch the video below.

In this video I am showing how to use the parallax effect in Blocs 3.

Blocs 3 is an incredible web design tool, which gets better and better with each version. Just last week, Blocs has received a 3.1 update, but we already hear about great new features coming soon in version 3.2.

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