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An Update on Squarespace Course

After becoming a Squarespace Authorized Trainer, I have made some improvements to my Space Master video course.

Posted by @EldarGezalov on October 18, 2018
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You can now save up to $96 on Squarespace, if you sign up for Space Master.

I have been helping people to learn web design with Squarespace for a long time via online courses and 1-on-1 training. Now, I can offer you even more support to help you get started with making websites in Squarespace.

Improvements to Space Master video course

As I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, Squarespace has acknowledged my expertise in using their platform, and they officially approved me as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer.

Being an Authorized Trainer gives me the ability to provide to you even more insights and useful information, which will help you make your first website with Squarespace. As a result, I have made some adjustments to the Space Master course structure and improved it in many ways.

20% Discount for Squarespace

Also, I can now provide you with a 20% discount for Squarespace. So, if you have already signed up for Space Master course, or thinking about doing so, in addition to 33 high-quality videos, you also get access to 20% discount code.

Depending on the plan you choose for your Squarespace website, you can now save up to $96 on an annual plan, which is way higher than the price of my Space Master course ($49).

So, if you were thinking about learning web design with Squarespace, now is the best time to give it a try  With Space Master, you not only get access to my expertise and knowledge but also can save a good amount of money.

Check Out The Space Master

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