1-on-1 Training for Blocs

My undivided attention and full support to help you succeed with Blocs



Schedule an online appointment at the most comfortable time for you.

Video or audio

We can have a video or audio conference via Skype, FaceTime, or other tool.


We can utilize the screen-sharing feature of Skype for better understanding.


Any questions

I will do my best to answer all of your questions on web design.


I will adjust the style of 1-on-1 session to what best suits your needs.

100% Guarantee

If you will not be satisfied with my help, I will refund your money.

Schedule a Training Session

Flat fee : $56 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions


When are you available?

If you click on book a meeting, you will see when I am available for a training session. You can book a session up to 5 days in advance, and if you want to have a weekly meeting, we can arrange it as well.


How do you charge?

You can make a payment for the session during the booking process, where you will be asked to make a payment via PayPal by using your PayPal credit or your credit card.


What our session can include?

In short, I will adjust the style of 1-on-1 session to what best suits your needs. I can provide you all information you need to know before starting to work with Blocs, answers all of your questions, help you start a project, etc.

What is your rate?

Regardless of the topic or style of our session, I charge a flat fee of $56 for 1 hour training session. If you need more time, I can provide you further help at the same hourly rate.


Can you work on my project?

We can spend the time of our session going over your Blocs or Squarespace project, and if you will need further help, I could provide you a more constructive help at an affordable rate.


100% satisfaction guarantee

My priority is to help you. If our consulting session wasn't helpful for you, I will refund your money. If you are not sure if my services are right for you, book a free consulting call to discuss the training methods and other details.