1-on-1 Consulting and Training

I will do my best to help solve your problems, answer all of your questions, and help you get started with Blocs or Squarespace for just $79 / hour.

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Pre-scheduled meetings

Schedule an online appointment at the most comfortable time for you.


Video or audio conferences

We can have a video or audio conference via Skype, FaceTime (Audio), or WhatsApp.


Screen-sharing sessions

We can utilize the screen-sharing feature of Skype for better understanding.


Answers to your questions

I will do my best to answer all of your questions on web design.

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Blocs or Squarespace

I can help you get started with your project in Blocs or Squarespace.


Additional support

I can help you modify your template, further explain any video lesson, etc.


Flexible approach

I will adjust the style of 1-on-1 session to what best suits your needs.


100% Guarantee

If you will not be satisfied with my help, I will fully refund your money.


Affordable Rates

An hour of my time, and my full focus on solving your problems & answering your questions will cost you just $79. 

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